I don’t know how it happened but I was making my annual fall television premiere schedule spreadsheet (this fact is only made sadder when you learn that my free Excel expired and I had to download an offbrand “office” program) and I realized that I have no less than 25 television shows I plan on watching this coming season. I should point out that many of these shows are being watched out of morbid fascination (I’m talking to you, Secret Circle!) but I am actually genuinely looking forward to a majority of them. I’ve seen a few pilot episodes for the upcoming season but I can’t really comment on them until they premiere lest I have some network legal department harassing me with litigious emails. Fox, however, was smart enough to release the New Girl pilot on iTunes free of charge.

The only way I can sum up this episode is… 🙂  I literally smiled through the entire thing. I’m not a huge Zoey Deschanel fan (that bitch of a character Summer put the final nail in my tolerance coffin) but I went into the program with high expectations due to the delightful preview Fox put together for their upfronts. The pilot episode lives up to what we’ve already seen and more. There is something so loveable and earnest about Deschanel’s character that even the most jaded of TV viewers will have trouble finding something to dislike. Ok, my praise may be a little on the effusive side, but for shiz, I’ve not felt this in sync with a show since Happy Endings. Now that the post-viewing glow is starting to wear off a little more, I can acknowledge that this show might be a little nichey for some. If you are “over it'” when it comes to Deschanel, then you might not be able to handle the show, but if you’re neutral to Deschanel and if adorkable, funny, slightly sad female leads are your thing, you’ll enjoy this. A lot. I give it 4.5 pairs of tiger boobs out of 5. (Anatomically, the .5 is hard to explain.)

Next Time on “I think it, I say it. That’s my way” I’ll go through the other 24 fucking shows I plan to watch.

Up All Night
Vampire Diaries
Secret Circle
The Playboy Club
New Girl
Raising Hope
Modern Family
Big Bang Theory
Parks & Rec
A Gifted Man
Pan Am
Terra Nova
Hart of Dixie
Happy Endings
American Horror Story
The Walking Dead
Once Upon a Time
I Hate My Teenage Daughter